Focus on Spanish couples: Legal support of your surrogacy program in Ukraine

We have started to work with Spanish couples around three years ago. The inflow of couples from Spain to Ukraine, seeking surrogacy (and egg donation) services have dramatically increased since the closure of gates of India, previously most visited destination for surrogacy in the world. Since long time ago, the regulations of India have been changed and Spanish couples took first steps to research other locations. Here in Ukraine Successful Parents Agency started to receive enormous amount of requests from couples that investigated our country and found out that the shorter and similarly affordable surrogacy destination is just around the corner, in Kyiv.

Spanish embassy is quite strict about its requirements for all couples who want to bring their babies from Ukraine to Spain after the surrogacy program. We started to search for a reliable legal partner in Spain, in order to deliver guarantees to Spanish couples when they enter surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine. We wanted to make sure that babies would not be left in-between two different legislations.

Our negotiations led to establishing ideal cooperation with the Global Law Spain, a law firm located in Barcelona. After we received proofs of successful registrations in Spain of babies born from surrogate mothers abroad, we understood we were in the right way. It took us several meetings and a joint visit to the embassy to sign the partnership agreement that covered areas of responsibility from Successful Parents Agency, Surrogacy and Egg Donation Centre in Ukraine and Global Law Spain.

Our cooperation on surrogacy programs in Ukraine, once it started, has proved to be very beneficial to our clients as we provided all-side support, from the moment of choosing surrogate mother in Ukraine until the moment when the adoption process is successfully completed in Spain.

Global Law Spain have obtained court resolutions in their those demands of international adoption, in favor of the consort. Among their legal successes, they have proven to won the first constitutive judgment of adoption in the judicial district of Barcelona, Valencia, and the one they are even more proud of, the first judgment by order by a Provincial Court, Barcelona, in the Magistrate which fully approves his appeal against the refusal of the Court of Appeal. For the moment they have achieved positive court decisions in numerous judicial districts of Spain.

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