Why Ukraine?

By choosing Ukraine as destination country for your egg donation or surrogacy program you take an important step and you need to be sure you are making the right decision.

We would like to point out some key reasons for you. Note that these are concluded based on the feedback of the patients who have worked with several countries before they came to us and genuinely agreed to share their experience afterwards.


This is true not only when you think of geographical position and comfortable travel options and local navigation, but what is most important the mentality of people is very similar and easily understandable for most of European and American patients, let alone the couples coming from CIS countries. You will be given clear answers to your questions, fast feedback on all your enquiries and very transparent payments schedule with no hidden costs. Above all, you will have access to all the medical documents related to your program.

Entering Ukraine does not require visa for EU countries, Americas and Canada, most of CIS and Scandinavian countries.


Ukrainian legislation is loyal to gestational surrogacy and egg donation, both are legally allowed which is consolidated in the number of legislative acts.

Intended parents are legal parents of their baby born by the surrogate mother. Only names of intended parents are written in the baby birth certificate. Surrogate mother has no right to keep the baby after delivery according to the contract concluded between intended parents and her.

Our lawyers will take care of the legal side accompanying you from the very first steps in concluding detailed contracts and up to preparing all the necessary documents for the embassy so that you can safely take your baby home.

Gender selection is allowed by the law.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostics (PGD) can be performed to determine healthy embryos and gender of your future baby.


Due to the limitations of most of European countries it is very difficult to find European type egg donor who will meet all your requirements and expectations. Ukraine is the country where you can find your type of egg donor, as about 95% of population is European light-skinned type.

Slavic ladies are famous for beautifully regular features and slim complexion, and you will be able to find your dream egg donor with our help. Generally patients prefer to choose good-looking and intelligent egg donor with strong and healthy family roots to ensure good genes for their future babies.

We carefully choose egg donors for our database, all candidates are psychologically and physically healthy, between 20 and 32 years old without bad habits and have at least one healthy child. Contact us to get full access to our database and we will take all efforts to help you with your choice.


All medical tests, check-ups, preparation and medical procedures are carried out based on private clinics only. This way we guarantee attentive and careful attitude, professional advice and consultations of best doctors in Ukraine for you.

You are welcome to visit our partner clinics, make acquaintance with the doctor and receive full information on your package before you are asked to sign any documents.


It is crucial that surrogate mother who is engaged in your program has good living conditions and is nourished with healthy food. Ukraine is a country where selling genetically modified food is prohibited by the law, and food quality is high, as well as living standards are very close to European (this is not the same for most of Asian and Eastern European countries where surrogacy is also allowed).

Our surrogate mother candidates are thoroughly interviewed and each of them have their family supportive and ready to help them around during the period of pregnancy. Our coordinators double check all surrogate candidates and will keep you updated of the conditions where your baby is developing.

How to Start:

Key Steps and Tips

Programs that involve surrogacy are the most complicated in terms of organization and time period. This is why we suggest you to quickly go through the key stages of a surrogacy program.

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