How to Start: Key Steps and Tips

Carrying your program should begin with the careful planning of all steps and issues involved.

Programs that involve surrogacy are the most complicated in terms of organization and time period. This is why we suggest you to quickly go through the key stages of a surrogacy program.


Before sign you up for your program, we will ask you to send us your request. Be sure to include the following details:

  • age of you and your spouse or partner;
  • country of residence and nationality;
  • medical history;
  • contact information;
  • specific request for the services that you require.

The more detailed is your initial letter the better we can understand your needs and give you professional feedback.

It goes without saying that we guard your privacy and keep all information received from you totally confidential.


Once we receive your request, we provide you with all necessary information regarding your future program: time and terms of your program, package cost and all possible additional expenses, medical procedures involved, legal aspects, agency fee and scope of our services etc. We suggest your one of the default program packages of our or discuss with you details of your individual package when necessary. Usually first consultation is given by email or skype, but we are always glad to meet you personally in our office.


After all general issues are discussed and agreed it is time to carefully choose your egg donor/surrogate mother. All candidates in our database are chosen as a result of careful screening and based on their state of heath, medical history, living conditions and social background. We also help you make your choice based on your preferences and our personal knowledge of all the candidates.

When you make your choice of candidates and they agree to be engaged into your program, we book them for you.


We send you all draft contracts that you sign with our Agency and surrogate mother/egg donor. Contracts are prepared both in English and Ukrainian language by our lawyers in compliance with the legislation of Ukraine and contain all necessary and important conditions of your program as well as clear payment schedule agreed with you.

Contracts can be adjusted to your individual program in case of necessity. Our cooperation officially starts when all contracts are signed and advance payment is made.


We help you arrange your first visit to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine in order to start your program. When necessary we help you book tickets and choose where to stay in Ukraine during your visit, as well as we coordinate your meeting with your potential surrogate mother so that you can personally confirm your choice.

During your visit to the clinic you sign all necessary medical applications and give biological materials.

We schedule your meetings, accompany you to the clinic, help your communication with the doctors, facilitate translation and take care of all the details in order to make your visit smooth and comfortable.


We update you of every important details and progress. Experienced doctors in one of our partner clinics carry out all medical procedures related to your program. At your first request you can have access to all medical reports and documents related to your program. We also facilitate the communication between you and surrogate mother. In due time we notify you of your scheduled visit to Ukraine to receive all necessary documents to take your baby home.