About Us

Successful Parents agency was established in 2003. Our team have been involved in sphere of fertility programs for couples from USA, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, Russian and Ukraine. Our team unites qualified specialists with years of experience in reproductive and fertility sphere, organization of medical services and family law.

Of course, the success of your program depends first and foremost on the clinic and coordinating doctors. Our main partner clinic in Ukraine is «Mother and Child» based in Kyiv. We generally cooperate with other clinics in Ukraine as well as clinics and specialized agencies all over the world.

This journey for you has started long time ago and required incredible emotional and financial input, so now our main aim is to help you on your way of having a baby with all our efforts, care and experience.

We accompany you from the very beginning when you make first contact with us and to the very end when you can finally take your baby home.

Why should you choose Successful Parents?

Because in order to ensure the success of your program:

  • we care about each and every detail and offer every program as a complete package of services
  • we cooperate only with private clinics with European standards of quality with best embryologists on board
  • we provide you with access to all medical documents, tests results and update you on a regular basis keeping you informed about the progress
  • we ensure you have direct contact with your coordinating doctor and your personal operational manager who will be responsible for all organizational issues
  • we only accept decent and healthy candidates as surrogate mothers and egg donors, and always make fresh medical tests for the candidates who enter egg donation and surrogacy programs
  • we take care of all legal issues and baby registration, as well as preparing all documents for the embassy
  • we guarantee high quality services in accordance with the European standards which in Ukraine at present time is unique.

Your interests and success are our highest priority, we care about your success as of our own.

We treasure your trust and meet your expectations.

Become Successful Parents with us!

How to Start:

Key Steps and Tips

Programs that involve surrogacy are the most complicated in terms of organization and time period. This is why we suggest you to quickly go through the key stages of a surrogacy program.

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