Full Service Agency: What It Means in Surrogacy Sphere?

It means everything. No, it means a whole lot than everything, because it goes about the most precious intention in your life - to have a baby. When you start your fertility journey, you have questions, fears, doubts, negative experience, but above all - the hope. This is what helps you go further, continue making efforts. But with time passing you finally realize you need to gather your emotional strength, because somehow it starts vanishing after continuously talking with doctors and making decisions. You wish for support to be provided, you long for explanations to be given, you want questions to be properly answered, you expect your hopes to come true, you demand that your requirements are met. Your want to be cherished as a patient and as a client. Here is when you first think about working with the Agency.

As the full-service Agency we understand what you want and what you strive for. We are independent party and we stand on the guard of your interests being in-between of doctors, clinics, embassies, lawyers, surrogate mothers, egg donors, sperm banks, pharmacies, companies transporting biological materials… Now let’s think about what lies behind the Program Packages offers that you get from Successful Parents Agency.

The greatest thing about any agency you work with is when you can fully rely on people who will execute various stages of your surrogacy program. Let’s see.


  • You definitely feel comfortable knowing that the offer you get is all-inclusive, without any hidden costs. At Successful Parents Agency we send you a list of all extra costs that may occur during your program (what you need to pay in case of twins, Cesarean section for your surrogate mother, complications during pregnancy etc.)
  • You are relaxed knowing that your surrogate mother has 24/7 support as our managers are on guard for you. Hormonal mood changes, pregnant woman’s whims, late evening or Sunday phone calls when she feels like talking to someone is all our sleepless nights, not yours.
  • You are happy because you are informed and aware of all the legal, medical and organizational details, you get answers to ALL your questions, you get extended feedback to EVERY your inquiry. Most important, you have immediate access to all medical reports of your surrogate mother: ultrasound pictures and videos, medical tests results, reports from clinic about carried medical procedures etc.
  • You have all information gathered in one place: our office and our email correspondence with you. No need to toss about between clinic, surrogate mother, real estate agents, pharmacies and maternity houses to get the necessary report or piece of information or to organize things. You have your personal program coordinator whose priority is to make sure you sleep without nightmares.
  • Proven legal status and solid reputation guarantee that we will find you the surrogate mother who will satisfy your requirements. In case first candidate you approve does not have perfect tests results, we will substitute her without any additional charge for you. Why? Because our commitment is to find you healthy candidate who will 100% qualify to be your surrogate mother.
  • You have your local partner, contractor, advisor and friend. We will only suggest you proven clinics with high success rates. The fact that we bring clients to clinics allows us choosing best clinics and doctors to work with. We are in a position to demand instant results and quality feedback. And it is us who supervise the duly execution of the commitments of surrogate mothers, egg donors, clinics etc.
  • Your every request is welcome, literally. From the very first minute of signing the contract we will help you in everything. Need to transport your biological materials to Ukraine? We will organize that. Need help booking apartment, taxi, and meals? We will help you. Need to buy caviar or local souvenirs, have a stroll to get acquainted with the city? We will accompany you. Need to buy things for babies when in Ukraine? We will suggest to you the best deals.
  • When you return back home with your baby, and our contract is technically over, we will still remind you of deadlines to pay for your remaining frozen embryos in the Ukrainian clinic and stay in touch whenever you might need to contact us again.

In a few words, when you work with Successful Parents Agency, your fertility journey becomes so much easier for you. Instead of worrying for each and every detail you get to concentrate on your daily tasks, have your free time to read books for future parents and get prepared for the greatest adventure in your life.

It all starts with the first contact!

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