A.L. and G. from Portugal

Passado estes quase 4 meses, às vezes ainda não acreditamos na circunstância maravilhosa de termos a bebé

Connosco está tudo muito bem, a bebé está muito bem e saudável. Já recebemos todos os testes analíticos e está tudo dentro da normalidade, o que nos deixou bastante descansados. 

Passado estes quase 4 meses, às vezes ainda não acreditamos na circunstância maravilhosa de termos a bebé. Temos tido momentos de verdadeira magia e felicidade. Agora a bebé interage connosco e de forma muito simpática. Acorda a sorrir e a pedir atenção. É mesmo muito maravilhoso. Come muito bem e está a crescer bastante. Em termos de comprimento está no percentil 85% para os padrões Portugueses. 

Para além disso é o centro das atenções dos avós dos tios e primos. É uma verdadeira estrela :) :)

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L&T from Lithuania

The life for us changed for ever

Couple from Lithuania shares their experience on surrogacy program

We found the Successful Parents Agency on internet and decided to go ahead with their surrogacy programme.

From the very beginning the communication with agency was excellent. We selected potential surrogate candidates during online interview. They then had to undergo meticulous medical tests including endometrial pipelle biopsy in order to give our single healthy embryo best chance to survive. It worked, the surrogate mother became pregnant!

Unfortunately the war started soon afterwards. Our surrogate mother preferred to stay in Ukraine since there were no fights in her city and we agreed to this. The pregnancy went very well,  the surrogate remained in a good health. Despite of a very difficult time the pregnancy care was excellent. Our surrogate motherunderwent numerous health checks and ultrasound scans. The results were sent to us the same day with translation to English and baby scan videos were attached.

The surrogate mother remained very positive, she kept sending her pregnancy and family photos andmessages to us via agency which reduced our anxiety down to the minimum. She was moved to Kyiv 2 months prior to her due date to be close to the maternity hospital and best medical services. The labour went well and our baby boy was born big and healthy via vaginal delivery.

We arrived in Kyiv soon after our son was born and left one week after when all paperwork was completed. We felt pretty save in Kyiv, seen no incidents there and our coordinator Elena made sure we were well looked after. We really liked working with Successful Parents Agency - loved the fact that surrogates were treated with respect and their wellbeing was important to the agency. Our programme coordinator Elena became our friend, we are so grateful for her devotion to her job and would really love to see her and work with her again!

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A.G. and E.C. from Portugal

Hoje temos a familia que sempre sonhamos ter, um menino e uma menina.

Portuguese couple, who returned back home before Christmas with their baby daughter

Aventuras inesquecíves!

Foram as 2 viagems mais lindas que fizemos nas nossas vidas! Depois de ter ponderado várias hipóteses para construir nossa familia, a gestação de substituição foi a nossa escolha.

Com ajuda do testemunho de outro casal português, decidimos "trabalhar" com a Successful Parents para nos ajudar no nosso tão esperado sonho de ter nossos filhos.

Em 2019 iniciamos a primeira aventura. 2 anos depois decidimos viver a experiência novamente.

Hoje temos a familia que sempre sonhamos ter, um menino e uma menina.

Não foi sempre fácil , mas tudo valeu a pena.

Quero agradecer à Equipa da Successful Parents pela dedicação, disponibilidade e profissionalismo que tiveram para levar a bem estas 2 aventuras que sem dúvida foram as mais lindas das nossas vidas!

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JZ and PZ from Poland

"Everything depends of people"

Couple from Poland just went home with their two newborn daughters

"Our way to be a parents was very long.

We understand all doubts because it was part of our history. But now our world is better and happier.

Our dreams came true and we are really thankfull that we had this possible in Ukraine and we are happy that we choosed Agency which supported us on each level of this process.

Everything depends of people and we are really glad that we meet you, Elena. You was with us in the moment when girls born too early. You answered us on each question and we always felt that you are ready to help.

Thank you very much."

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Sam & Shiv from Canada

"It is nothing short of a miracle for us. Just writing about this brings tears of happiness to our eyes. "

Couple from Canada shares their experience on surrogacy program

"We had struggled for a very long time; 10+ years and had gone through many failed IVF’s and were disheartened to the point where we had almost given up. Around that time a family friend who was going through the same for longer than us welcomed a baby boy with the assistance of Successful Parents. As soon as we got to know of the program available for Surrogacy in Ukraine we didn’t waste any time and contacted Elena, who had been nothing but excellent and assisted us with the process. We visited Kyiv in November 2020 in the midst of the pandemic as we were eager to start the process of hoping to be parents. We were blessed with twin boys on September 24th 2021.

We deep heartedly thank, Elena, Olga, Daryna and the whole team of Successful Parents.

It is nothing short of a miracle for us. Just writing about this brings tears of happiness to our eyes. The most joyous moment of our lives.

We strongly advise anyone looking to be a parent and are not being able to achieve results, please contact Successful Parents. We strongly recommend them. They are a team of thorough professionals.

God Bless them!!"

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S. and P. from Cyprus

Τα ονειρα και τα θαυματα μπορουν να πραγματοποιηθουν όταν πιστευεις σ αυτα

We often ask our clients to write testimonial in their native language, and we are happy we can share them with you:

Η ιδεα του να γινουμε γονεις ηταν ενα απιαστο ονειρο για μας.. Ρωτώντας και ψάχνοντας μάθαμε για το Succesful Parents και έτσι ξεκινησαμε ενα ομορφο ταξιδι μαζι τους. Με την βοήθεια του succesful parents αυτό το ονειρο εγινε πραγματικοτητα. Το ταξίδι μέχρι το τελος ειχε μια μεγαλη γλυκια αγωνια.Με την βοήθεια τους και την καθοδήγηση τους καταφέραμε να κρατήσουμε τον μικρο μας πριγκιπα στην αγκαλια μας. Τα ονειρα και τα θαυματα μπορουν να πραγματοποιηθουν όταν πιστευεις σ αυτα❤❤

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XX and YY from Cyprus (names hidden at the request of the clients)

"Successful Parents Agency for our family, is synonymous with trust"

This couple from Cyprus left home with their baby quite a while ago, but they sent us a lovely testimonial of their experience with us

"Successful Parents Agency for our family, is synonymous with trust. This is a trustworthy agency based on our experience, and we are wholeheartedly recommending it to our friends and acquaintances who are in the same situation that we were in.Olga, Elena and Yuliya worked tirelessly to make things happen for us and to keep us informed at all times.Once we were in Ukraine, they again guided us at every single step, and made our experience less stressful and confusing.We are an older couple, and Successful Parents Agency was our last chance.Now, our beautiful baby girl is eight months old, healthy, happy, and the sunshine of our lives. (We decided to protect the privacy of our baby, and hence, are not including pictures and names.)We will be forever grateful to this wonderful agency for making our dreams to become parents, a reality."

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H.A.G.S. and P.F.R.C from Portugal

"We never ever felt any pressure to start the process, we had our time to think and decide"

This couple from Portugal just returned back home with their baby daughter, and they sent such a touching message to us we couldn't help but share here

Being parents was always one of our most deepest wishes. After an unexpected health problem, we found our way to walk through it by searching an option that could enable us to have our own baby. Surrogacy idea was almost immediate.


Still, this was a whole new world for us and of course we were very cautious and someway afraid that we could be mislead to something that at the end would turn into a big nothing and tear apart our dreams.


Research, some meetings and we meet Successful Parents Agency. We managed to speak with Olga who is a lovely person, very human but also very professional and practical. Olga showed us how the whole process would be handled. All information we requested was promptly provided and in comparison to other contacts we made, we never ever felt any pressure to start the process, no deadlines, no promotional prices to sign agreements immediately, nothing. We had our time to think and decide. As well as we were provided other couples contacts in case we wanted to have information of couples who had gone through the experience.


We cannot say that it's an easy process of course we can't, but a natural pregnancy would't be either. This was the way we tried to see things and that helped us to be less stressed and feel less anxiety  (if it is possible). It's difficult, one needs to be very patient but also be very positive and faithfull.


On the other hand, since the beginning we understood that we were dealing with good people but also very professional ones. Every detail was clearly explained to us and this also made us feel secure and believe that our dream would come true. We'll be eternally thankfull to Yuliya for her kindness, huge simpathy and for being always available to help us - this made us feel that we were having full attention and nothing was missed. Also, we must thank to Maryna, our SM, for helping us to fulfil our dream and for taking care of our baby during the first days - externally gratefull to both of you.


Now, with our beautiful daughter in our arms, we can only say that it was worth all the anxiety, all those mornings we impatiently waited for one more report from appointments or test results. 

We are still counting with all availability for extra needs while we are waiting to go home - we always feel very cherished.


For those who strongly carry the wish of being parents, we can only recommend Successful Parents along with the advice that first you need to have Faith, Positiveness and Believe. At the end, Love, Happiness and Gratitude will remain for ever.


Thank you Olga, Yuliya and Maryna.

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A.M.M.R. and M.N.R.N. from Portugal

"We are inside a love bubble."

Here comes the testimonial from one of our Portuguese couples. They were LOVELY in every aspect to work with :)

'Our dream started much earlier, since always, but this last phase started at the middle of 2019, when we decided to use a surrogate in Ukraine. 

A lot of research, many blogs and chats later we thought that Successful Parents Agency was with no doubt the best choice and straight away we got in touch with Olga who made us feel sure of our decision and confident of the option for Successful Parents.We always felt very accompanied and informed of all the details and we always got immediate answers to the numerous questions we asked. At the end of the whole process we faced together the extra challenge that the pandemic COVID 19 launched. Canceled flights, quarantine periods, closed borders... and the moment to finally embrace our daughter, ever closer... All together we managed and 30 minutes after our daughter was born, it was possible for us to feel her, to share our happiness without limits...a dream has just come true! We are inside a love bubble. MI is perfect and has come to complete our happiness. And we will never forget how important Successful Parents was along this path. Thanks to all the team, especially Olga - always with such good and positive energy - and dear Daryna - our most direct interlocutor, always so helpful, friendly, attentive to details, responsible and professional. Always but always available to help us. Also the SM, was a very humble, honest and enthusiastic to know how much she contributed to our happiness. From the very first moment, she worked hard to ensure that everything went smoothly.No doubt we would choose Successful Parents again for a new adventure and you can be sure that it will always be the one we will advise to future IP. All the best and we keep the promise that one day MI will want to meet you and visit the country that saw her born. '

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Savvas – Elena, Cyprus

"We felt that they knew their job very well"

This couple from Cyprus wrote a testimonial on their journey with our Agency, we are glad we could help :)

The agency has shown great professionalism from the outset. We felt that they knew their job very well. It is definitely a very difficult, time consuming process that requires patience. Both before our move to Kiev and during our staying there, the people of the agency were trying to serve us and resolve any issues. It is a journey with some anxiety, but the result compensates and erases all the doubts that may existed before. Thank you very much for helping us to have the greatest joy of our lives!


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X.Y. and X.Z. from Cyprus

"Trust them in this important decision of your life. In the end you will understand what we mean."

Arrived to Ukraine one day before all airports were closed!

Τον Απρίλιο συνέβη τελικά αυτό που προσπαθούσαμε τόσα χρόνια! Πέρα από τη χαρά μας που φέραμε στον κόσμο ένα υγιές μωράκι και το ταξίδι μας έφτασε στο τέλος του, το συμπέρασμα που θέλουμε να μοιραστούμε είναι το εξής: Συνειδητοποιείστε ότι η παρένθετη μητρότητα υπάρχει, λειτουργεί και φέρνει αποτελέσματα. Αρκεί να εμπιστευτείτε τους κατάλληλους ανθρώπους. Να φροντίσουν για εσάς, να προσπαθήσουν για εσάς, να γίνουν συμμέτοχοι στην προσπάθειά σας και συνοδοιπόροι στο ταξίδι σας. Για εσάς είναι ένα ταξίδι που -το πιθανότερο- κάνετε πρώτη φορά. Οι άνθρωποι του successful-parents το έχουν κάνει πολλές φορές και ξέρουν ποιός είναι ο σωστότερος δρόμος και ο καταλληλότερος τρόπος να φτάσετε εκεί που θέλετε. Να τους εμπιστευτείτε σε αυτό το σημαντικό γεγονός της ζωής σας. Στο τέλος θα καταλάβετε τί εννοούμε. Yuliya και Olga σας ευχαριστούμε για τη βοήθεια, την υποστήριξη και τις συμβουλές σας!


Translation in English

Our year-long efforts were finally successful in April! On top of our joy for bringing a healthy little baby to this world and our journey has reached its destination, we would like to share our conclusion: please realize that surrogacy exists and it works as long as you trust the right people. To care for you, to try for you, become your co-partners and fellow travelers. For you this is probably a first-time journey. The people at Successful-Parents have made this journey many times. They can guide you and show you which way and path are the best to take you where you want to go. Trust them in this important decision of your life. In the end you will understand what we mean. Yuliya and Olga thank you for your help, support and advice!

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Humberto and Vania, Portugal

Aqueceram-nos o coração e premiáram-nos com 2 filhos maravilhosos!

This Portuguese couple left Kyiv only a week ago, with twins born from our surrogate mother

Obrigado pela dedicação, profissionalismo e seriedade com que primaram a nossa caminhada desde o início até ao nosso último dia na Ucrânia. Incansáveis! Foi fácil viver em Kiev mas a maioria das pessoas só fala a sua língua. A maternidade é diferente das portuguesas mas foram facilitadores do processo de maternidade de substituição e a agência ajudou-nos continuamente e de forma presencial em todos os momentos chave. Jamais nos esqueceremos da successful parents agency e em especial da Olga, da Yulia e da Helena pelo carinho e apoio que nos dedicaram! Aqueceram-nos o coração e premiáram-nos com 2 filhos maravilhosos! Um beijo muito especial para vocês!

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S.G.C.R. and B.M.S.F. from Portugal

"A estadia em Kiev ficará para sempre nas nossas memórias."

This Portuguese couple wrote such a warm feedback to us, we were very touched!

A Successuful Parents cruzou o nosso caminho no momento em que realmente estávamos preparados para ter outro filho após uma perda gestacional. Desde o primeiro contacto a Yuliya e toda a sua Equipa foram sempre amáveis, prestáveis, disponíveis e eficientes. A nossa primeira viagem a Kiev foi realizada um pouco a medo, pois até então desconhecíamos casos de outros casais portugueses em Kiev. Já na Ucrânia foi encorajador e apaziguador constatar que alguém “próximo de nós” já tinha passado por todo este processo. Estabelecemos logo contacto com alguns desses casais que se demonstraram sempre muito disponíveis para responder a questões, partilhar experiências e ouvir inquietações.

Ao longo de dois anos sentimos que a Yuliya e a sua Equipa estavam “à distância de um mail”. Era como se Kiev estivesse perto e longe ao mesmo tempo. Cada mail recebido era aberto com um aperto no coração e “borboletas no estômago”. Nem todos os contactos foram apaziguadores, sendo que nesses momentos a Yuliya teve sempre palavras amigas.

Foi uma experiência “incrivelmente diferente” acompanhar a gravidez por mail: foi maravilhoso assistir aos vídeos da nossa bebé M e “senti-la” a crescer e a tornar-se cada vez presente nas nossas vidas.

Durante a gestação da bebé M houve momentos de algum stress e foi duro sentir que não podíamos fazer nada para que tudo corresse bem. A bebé M decidiu nascer três semanas antes do previsto e sentimos um “murro no estômago” ao abrir o mail em que nos diziam para “corrermos para Kiev”. Em poucas horas comprámos os bilhetes de avião, fizemos as malas, esterilizámos biberões, alugámos um apartamento. Foi uma noite em claro até chegarmos a Kiev e conhecermos a bebé M nascida minutos antes da nossa entrada na Maternidade. Ter a nossa filha nos braços foi a melhor sensação das nossas vidas.

A estadia em Kiev ficará para sempre nas nossas memórias. Foram momentos únicos e intensos vividos a três nesta “nova relação”. Tivemos também o privilégio de conhecer outro casal estrangeiro que estava a viver uma situação semelhante à nossa. A partilha de experiências fez-nos sentir menos sós fora do nosso país.

A Equipa foi fundamental como interlocutora num país onde não compreendemos a língua. Sem eles teria sido muito difícil o contacto com os profissionais de saúde. Foram também fundamentais na pesquisa de alojamento e esclarecimento de dúvidas relacionadas com aquisição de alguns produtos em Kiev.  

Apesar de a nossa estadia em Kiev ter sido mais longa que o inicialmente previsto, sentimos que a Equipa da Successful Parents procurou sempre acelerar o processo de obtenção dos documentos para regresso a Portugal, apesar de todos os contratempos institucionais.

Ficaremos eternamente gratos à doce Yuliya e restante Equipa. Sem elas não teríamos sido abençoados pela chegada da nossa filha. Gratos à gestante pois foi fundamental na concretização do nosso sonho.

Yuliya, grata por toda a paciência com os inúmeros mails por nós enviados.

Gratos por todos os mimos. Ficarão para sempre na nossa “caixa de memórias”.

Um agradecimento também aos casais portugueses que nos acompanharam de perto nesta caminhada. São pessoas muitos especiais nas nossas vidas.

Um beijo e um abraço de força para todos os casais que estão a percorrer este caminho da gestação de substituição. Vale tudo a pena!

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G.B. and D.F. from France

"Elles nous ont apporté une solution Ethique"

This couple from France just recently had their baby girl and we asked them to share their feelings

"Après avoir rencontré plusieurs agences dont certaines faisaient des « promotions de Noël » pour les enfants et qui ont failli nous faire abandonner notre désir d’enfant, nous avons rencontré par Skype Olga et Elena qui nous ont apporté une solution Ethique.

Dans un premier temps, l’approche est centrée sur la relation et le projet et de la mère porteuse et des futurs parents. L’adéquation entre les deux se fait donc naturellement.

Nous avons rencontré la mère porteuse et pu vivre la grossesse et initier une relation sincère avec elle. La mère porteuse a été exemplaire et ses motivations avaient été validées clairement et étaient saines.

Notre fille est née le 24 mai à Kiev dans de bonnes conditions, j’ai pu assister à l’accouchement, couper le cordon et faire le premier peau à peau avec elle pour créer la relation mère/fille immédiatement.

Par la suite l’agence par le biais d’Elena nous a accompagné physiquement à travers toutes nos démarches. Leur avocate pour les démarches d’acte de naissance notamment est juste extraordinaire.

Si on me demandait à quelle hauteur sur une échelle de 1 à 10 vous recommanderiez l’agence Successfull Parents, sans hésiter je mettrais 10 !"


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L.A.A. and D.G.G. from Portugal

"Hoje nos vos dizemos, se fosse preciso passar por tudo isto, passávamos, só para receber-mos este melhor presente."

This couple from Portugal is probably one of the most perseverant of all couples we knew. With great respect we publish their testimonial here.

"Nem sei por onde começar, mas a historia tornou-se tão grande e amorosa.Foram dois anos de tentativas em que pensamos que nunca mais chegava a nossa vez. Não foi simples, chegamos a pensar que a nossa sorte estava amaldiçoada depois da perda do nosso primeiro filho e sem poder ter mais filhos o sonho estava cada vez mais distante. Foram 6 tentativas em que não dava, certo mas o sonho eram tão grande que por mais vezes que pensamos em desistir, vinha sempre a vontade de ter alguém. Foram algumas as dificuldades, tanto financeira como psicológica. O não conseguirmos ia-nos deitando a baixo, era acordar todos os dias e pensar que era mais um dia de trabalho em vão...Mas chegou e chegou em duplicado. São o nosso maior sonho a nossa maior vitoria! Nunca me vai esquecer quando contei o meu marido que a nossa SM estava grávida. Guardei até aos três de meses de gestação, para não correr como das ultimas vezes, foram os priores três meses que passei, mas com grande alegria, quando íamos de férias, contei-lhe e ele ficou muito feliz.Foram os últimos meses,muitos felizes, mas sempre com medo que algo de mal acontecesse.Mas não, chegou Março e preparamos tudo para irmos para a Ucrânia. Chegamos dia 16 de Março, mas qual foi a nossa maior surpresa, nasceram no dia dos anos da mãe, dia 20 de Março. Foi sem duvida a melhor prenda que tive.Hoje nos vos dizemos, se fosse preciso passar por tudo isto, passávamos, só para receber-mos este melhor presente.Hoje aconselho a qualquer pessoa que esteja na mesma situação, o dinheiro não vale nada, nesta situação.É sem duvida a melhor prenda que tive, a melhor dádiva que me deram.Com o nosso maior respeito e amor."

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I.B. and D.B. from Sofia, Bulgaria

"We are really impressed by the nurses and the doctors in the hospital"

This couple from Bulgaria returned home just a little while ago with their beautiful daughter born by a surrogate mother with the help of our Agency. Here is what they say:

"First of all once again thanks a lot for making our biggest dream come true. You guided us during the whole process and were next to us during all medical procedures. We highly appreciate your support and care. We didn't know the language but there was always someone from the agency (Elena and Svitlana) who helped us. And at the end you gave us presents for our little daughter. We use the musical lamp at home :).


We do not know if it was luck but the SM was such a good and nice person. She took good care of the baby. 


The IVF clinic is just excellent. We will always be thankful to doctor Kotlik and Marina. Their high professionalism made the egg pick up smooth and afterwards the transfer to the SM was successful. 


We are really impressed by the nurses and the doctors in the hospital. We didn't have any experience but the nurses helped us to take care of my daughter. They told us how to change the diapers, how to feed and wash our baby and how to understand the main problems which the baby may has. The doctors were very good. The pediatrician didn't let us go before she made sure that everything with the baby is fine."

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A.C.V.R. and P.M.R. from Portugal

"Move forward without fear, trust Successful Parents.

This couple from Portugal just returned home with their baby and sent us this wonderful feedback :)

"We only have the best things to say about successful parents. Like many couples we have a sad story in the past. and sucessful parents  since the begining, when we have the first contact with Olga, gave us the confidence and hope that it would be possible to fulfill our dreams of having a child. The whole process was carried out with maximum professionalism and respect. Yuliya was the one who accompanied us and it was absolutely fantastic. Thank you Yuliya! 

There are probably many agencies in Kiev, but i doubt very much that you can find a better one that you can trust. Move forward without fear, trust Successful Parents."

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AB & PB & PMB from Portugal

"We have no words to describe our happiness..."

This couple from Portugal was so sweet to work with! Caring and warm-hearted, they won our hearts...

We have some words to encourage future couples and to share our experience with Successful Parents Agency: after years of struggle and failed attempts to be parents, our dream come true with your help!! It was very difficult to decide, lots of doubts and afraid, but after a conversation with Olga, in Portugal, everything became clear!We have no words to describe our happiness  and to thank you!!

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Candice and Jacob from IN, USA

"Within one year's time, our lives were changed forever"

This very sweet and brave couple from USA became parents of twins with the help of Successful Parents Agency, and now sharing with you their experience

'My husband and I started researching surrogacy in Ukraine in June 2017 after years of trying to build our family through fertility treatments and, unfortunately, many miscarriages. Within weeks of researching we decided Successful Parents Agency was the agency we wanted to work with. Caring and communication was there from the start. 

To our delight, everything happened very quickly. We still had embryos from our last IVF cycle and Olga helped us facilitate the shipping with a cryo shipping company that they work with. 

We would have had a choice of surrogate, but we loved the first profile that was sent to us. After so much heartache we were thrilled that we were offered a carrier that was a pro! She had two surrogacy pregnancies under her belt and we were so happy that our little ones were going to be carried by someone who understood the emotional and physical toll she would be taking on for the joy of another family. 

We were so pleased that our first transfer worked and we were expecting TWINS! The pregnancy as a whole was not easy sailing, but the team at SPA took great care with our surrogate and kept us up-to-date on everything that was happening in regards to our surrogate's health as well as the health of our babies. Upon arrival in Kyiv, Yuliya brought us to the hospital to meet our amazing surrogate, and came with us the next day to see our first live ultrasound of our sons. One week later our little miracles were born on June 21, 2018. Yuliya was invaluable during our time there, from helping translate at the hospital to helping with all paperwork that the US Embassy needed for our passport/citizenship paperwork. Successful Parents Agency went above and beyond during our entire process, they made us feel cared about and not "just another client." 

We cannot thank Olga, Yuliya and their entire team enough for making our dream of becoming parents a reality. Within one year's time, our lives were changed forever.'



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M.L.G. and G.F.O. from Barcelona, Spain

"Queremos agradecerles a todos su cariño"

This Spanish couple recently become parents and shared some words of their experience with our team

"Somos una pareja de Barcelona que gracias a Succesful Parents hemos cumplido nuestro sueño de ser padres.El trato con ellos ha sido muy cercano y personalizado. Han resuelto desde el primer momento todas las dudas que teníamos.

Queremos agradecerles a todos su cariño, pero sobretodo a Daryna que nos ha acompañado semana a semana en esta aventura. No podemos negar que hemos pasado momentos de nervios, el proceso no es un camino de rosas, pero Daryna ha sabido acompañarnos desde la tranquilidad y la experiencia, y siguiendo sus consejos, ahora somos unos orgullosos padres de gemelos de 2 meses y medio."

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A.P. and B.P. from Germany

Wir können die Agentur weiter empfehlen!

This couple from Germany had their twin boys born in Ukraine with the help of a surrogate mother. They are back home and wrote a small testimonial for us :)

Wir haben mit Hilfe dieser Agentur eine tolle Leihmutter vermittelt bekommen und sind letztes Jahr im Mai Eltern von Zwillingen geworden. Was sehr positiv an dieser Agentur ist, dass wir immer schnell eine Antwort bekommen haben. In der Regel immer innerhalb von 24 Stunden, meistens sogar schneller. Am Wochenende hat es dann mal länger gedauert, aber das ist ja auch völlig in Ordnung. Irgendwann hat ja jeder mal frei ;)  Was auch sehr vernünftig war, ist die Tatsache dass wir uns den Vertrag der Agentur und den mit der Leihmutter vorher durchlesen konnten in englisch. Wir waren mit der Agentur glücklich, nicht zuletzt weil eben die Antwort immer sehr schnell kam und weil unsere Verbindungsfrau sehr sympathisch und engagiert war. Wir können die Agentur weiter empfehlen!

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S.Z. and M.A. from UK

"...after 9 years of heartache of having suffered miscarriages and failed IVF in UK"

This couple from the United Kingdom just returned home with their baby and sent is this message.

"We have safely returned to UK in July 2018 with our gorgeous and lovable son, this was made possible by ‘Successful parents agency in Ukraine team’, especially Yuliya. This is after 9 years of heartache of having suffered miscarriages and failed IVF in UK. 


Yuliya had been totally amazing and our life line throughout this 11 months journey, starting from all the medical investigations that was needed prior to our surrogacy, during surrogacy pregnancy and during our stay in Ukraine, when our son was born until we returned to UK. 


Our communication with Yuliya and the team members was regular and we got very quick replies. Their Legal team processed all our necessary documents very efficiently as well. We are very grateful and thankful to this team for everything and for enhancing our lives with our gorgeous son, as he brightens our everyday with big smiles and hugs’.


I hope this feedback is okay. I am happy to communicate and talk to other UK couples that are interested to find out more, thank you again."

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Mar y Javier, España

"Y si nos preguntasen si volveríamos a repetir la experiencia, sin lugar a dudas contestaría que ¡sii!!"

it was a wonderful experience for our Agency too :)

Hace menos de un año que nació nuestro hijo en Kiev, y ya lo tenemos inscrito en elRegistro Central de Madrid, y con pasaporte español con el apellido de los dos. Nos pareceincreíble! Un sueño hecho realidad!

Cuando nació nuestra primera hija, hace 5 años y medio, debido a una atonía uterina,tuvieron que intervenirme y extirparme parte del útero, nunca más podría quedarmeembarazada. Tenía solo 30 años y era nuestro primer hijo… de una gran familia numerosa quesiempre deseamos tener. Aquellos momentos fueron muy duros…

Pero entonces, después de darle muchas vueltas, y de conocer decenas de clínicas,agencias y chiringuitos improvisados dedicados a la gestación subrogada, conocimosGloballaw, a Joan, Olga y Marina. Y de su mano y gracias a la maravillosa clínica con la quetrabajan, en poco más de 11 meses nació nuestro precioso bebe.

Nuestra gestante quedó embarazada a la primera, fuimos viendo crecer a nuestrobebe en las ecografías mensuales. Era emocionante el día que había ecografía, estábamostodos deseando llegar a casa para verla juntos una y otra vez, especialmente mi primer hija,que deseaba más que nada en el mundo ver nacer a su hermanito, ella abrazada la pantalla delportátil con un cariño y ternura imposibles de describir.

Tuve además la suerte de poder asistir al parto de nuestro bebe en abril. Preciosomomento, pero también el más difícil!! No saber cómo agradecer a aquella mujer lo queestaba haciendo por nosotros… Se lo presente y enseguida nos fuimos a una sala a hacer unpiel con piel con nuestro bebe… que a pesar del miedo que tenía a que pudiera sentir algo derechazo hacia mí por no haberme oído y sentido durante los 9 meses de embarazo… desde elprimer momento abrió los ojos y se durmió en mi pecho, sintiendo que era su madre.

Después de un mes en Kiev, precioso país que nos trató de maravilla, y del quedisfrutamos al máximo con sus avenidas, la ópera, la gente, el buen clima primaveral y elambiente de Eurovisión, la embajada nos dio sin problema el pasaporte y libro de familia denuestro hijo. Era hora de volver a casa.

Una vez en España con todo el apoyo y cariño de la familia, amigos, colegio, trabajos yla gente que nos rodea, pronto olvidamos todo el proceso y como nació nuestro bebe. Ya noimaginamos la vida sin él. ¡Gracias a todos por haber hecho este sueño realidad!

Y si nos preguntasen si volveríamos a repetir la experiencia, sin lugar a dudascontestaría que ¡sii!! ¿¿Y que echamos de menos en todo el proceso?? En nuestro caso todofue perfecto. Simplemente quizás echamos de menos algunos detalles de logística como el queuna vez allí nos hubieran facilitado un carro para el bebe, una cuna, bañera… y no tener queviajar con ello desde Madrid.

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S.M.M. and S.A.Zh. from the UK

"We have started our new life with our lovely 2 babies"

This British couple of Chinese origin came to Ukraine full of hopes and left full of joy. See their feedback below.

"I am very pleased to inform you that we 4 have smoothly got back to london yesterday. Thank you Elena and Olga very much for all your fully and professional support for the previous 2 years, especially for the last months when we lived in your beautiful country.  We have started our new life with our lovely 2 babies, and thanks again for the gift and the blessing of you and Olga."

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E. and A. from Cyprus

"we cannot forget the journey and the people who gave us a hand..."

This couple from Cyprus became parents with the help of our Agency in summer 2018, and we are delighted to share their feedback

"We would like to thank you for all the help and support through the hole period. It is said that it is not the destination that counts but the journey. In our case the destination is at most importance because at the end of this journey we became family. But we cannot forget the journey and the people who gave us a hand regardless of compensations and contracts. From first moment when Marina gave us all the information, later when Olga managed the journey, Julia in our first meeting with the unborn children and last but not least Elena who help us during the last three months who were the most demanding thank you very much girls you all were fantastic"

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M.V. and Y.K from Cyprus

"your team give the great privilege to people"

This couple from Cyprus became parents twice with the help of our Agency, and we are pleased to share their thoughts here

"...we will keep recommending your agency to friends here in Cyprus for the same reason we started in 2013. You and your team give the great privilege to people, to unfortunate couples, become parents and this is way bigger than any issue which may arise during the process. I would also like to thank Yuliya for all her help and patience. I'm sure that she wouldn't be very happy if we decided to return there for a third time:))! No, this is just a joke!"

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Coral y Alberto, de Sevilla

"De corazón, gracias!"

This Spanish couple from Sevilla went through a lot of hardships before they came to us, and we are happy that they finally got rewarded.

Somos Coral y Alberto, una pareja de Sevilla que ha conseguido el sueño de ser padres gracias a la maternidad subrogada. Es un proceso bastante complejo, pero si estás en manos de buenos profesionales el camino es mucho más fácil y seguro.

Tenemos que agradeceros no sólo la profesionalidad, excelente, sino la humanidad que habéis demostrado, es imprescindible en un proceso tan complejo, en un país que no es el tuyo, tan lejos de casa y sentir la seguridad que estáis en todo para que no nos falte nada.

Agradecidos eternamente por darnos la Felicidad, por darnos la oportunidad de ser padres de nuestros dos Soles, el sueño de nuestra vida hecho realidad.

De corazón, gracias.

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Mònica y Edu enamorados de Kiev!!!

Quien dijo imposible???

This Spanish couple is simply adorable :) They were a pleasure to work with and now share their experience with you

Hace un año y medio decidimos embarcarnos en esta aventura si algo teníamos claro es que no queríamos estar solos en este proceso tan intenso. Entonces conocimos a Joan Ortiz abogado en Barcelona y después a Successful Parents agencia en Kiev, que desde el primer día, durante el embarazo y ahora en el nacimiento de nuestra niña ha estado y esta a nuestro lado.

Tanto Joan Ortiz como la agencia Successful Parents esta formada por profesionales que te hacen sentir totalmente seguros de los pasos a realizar durante todo el proceso. Desde la elección de la gestante, los informes de todas las visitas y ecografias mensuales, así como la preparación del nacimiento de la bebe. La referencia de Joan Ortiz y Daryna en la agencia a sido para nosotros muy importante y gratificante para poder estar tranquilos a pesar de la gran distancia.

Luda nuestra SM no tenemos palabras para expresar el sentimiento de aprecio y admiración hacia ella. дякую de nuevo. Sin duda volveríamos a repetir la experiencia, estamos enormemente felices de poder tener a nuestra niña con nosotros. Siempre os llevaremos en nuestros corazones y desde hace ya un año formáis parte de nuestro libro de la vida.

Eternamente agradecidos Joan, Luda, Daryna, Olga, Marina, Yuliya y el resto del equipo que aunque no os conocemos también formáis parte de esta gran familia de profesionales. Un abrazo

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Ваши Я.С. и Р.К., България

"Посрещнаха ни, когато отидохме за първи път, бяха до нас през цялото време и се погрижиха за всичко необходимо, когато си тръгнахме с „Чудото“!"

This couple from Bulgaria wrote about their experience with our Agency, we were really touched...

В лицето на Successful Parents срещнахме доверен и искрен партньор

Когато мечтата ви да прегърнете собствено дете се превърне в „буйна река“, а пътят ви вече ви е довел до идеята за сурогатното майчинство, ние с цялото си сърце бихме ви препоръчали украинската агенция Successful Parents!

В следващите няколко реда ще се опитаме искрено да ви разкажем за нашия път към „Мечтата“, който извървяхме заедно със Successful Parents!

През дългите месеци на проучване, а след това и на щастливо, но притеснено очакване на „Чудото“, ние срещнахме доброта, коректност и точност. Първоначално доверието ни спечели сериозността на хората, които работят в агенцията – отговорите на писмата ни идваха бързо, а като съдържание бяха директни и точни. Когато за първи път отидохме в Украйна бяхме ужасно притеснени, бяхме се впуснали в това „приключение“ с толкова надежди, но не знаехме какво реално да очакваме, имахме толкова много въпроси, съмнения и притеснения ... И тогава срещнахме Лена и нейните колеги, които просто ни обезоръжиха със сърдечната си усмивка, а след тях видяхме още много хора, които също бяха заредени с позитивизъм, човещина и съпричастност. Това много ни помогна ...

През целия път от Successful Parents бяха до нас – документално, медицински и юридически. Посрещнаха ни, когато отидохме за първи път, бяха до нас през цялото време и се погрижиха за всичко необходимо, когато си тръгнахме с „Чудото“! Редовно ни информираха за всичко, не оставиха без отговор нито един наш въпрос, не скриха от нас информация, която би могла да ни притесни. Поставиха ясно рамката, осъзнавайки ролятата си на балансьор в този толкова деликатен процес, не се отклониха от нея, защитаваха интересите ни, бориха се заедно с нас, при това проявявайки пълна дискретност. Съдействаха ни с намирането на добра квартира, погрижиха се дори за това да ползваме сигурни и изгодни таксита – през целия ни престой в Киев с „Чудото“, ние нито за момент не се почувствахме сами в чужда държава.

Бидейки с тях в медицински центрове, болници и държавни иституции, видяхме с какво желание и професионализъм подхождат, а лекарите, с които агенцията работи, и юристът на Successful Parents искрено ни впечатлиха – с познанията, с опита, с контактите си!

Със Successful Parents и помощта на Бог ние сбъднахме нашата голяма мечта!

Пожелаваме ви попътен вятър и здрави дечица, които да топлят сърцата ви!

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M.Ch. and Ch.Ch. from Cyprus

"Nothing of the above wouldn't be happened if your company didn't exist."

This amazingly warm couple from Cyprus just wrote us a testimonial that touched our hearts. Despite their long journey they were always sunny and open, and they fully deserve their happiness!

We would like to share with you our feelings and happiness. As you know our history the couple past years was a little bit rough for us. Thanks to God though all that stay to the past! We haven't been more happiest in our life! We really can not describe the feeling when we hold our little son in our arms! Our life just started from the beginning, every one and every thing are positive and full of joy! We can fill pages and pages with our motions and how happy we are! We would like for a closure of this letter, to express how grateful we are with your team services and professionalism.

Nothing of the above wouldn't be happened if your company didn't exist. From the deep of our heart, we appreciate your effort, committed to us, and of course helping us to make our dreams come true! We know that you are working as a group, but we would like to note that Elena was amazing during the entire time. Fast responded and answered all our questions/concerns and always provided all necessary information.

Of course it would be a shame if we don't mention Irina - our surrogate mother! She played the bigger and the most important role to all of this! Even though we don't speak the same language, she managed to make us feel confident about her and we felt from the first time that she is the right one and again we would like to thank you for choosing her to be our surrogate mother. There isn't any word that could describe how grateful we are to her! She carried and took care are little boy like her child. She deserves everything and may God bless her and her family! 

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Ricardo y Marta, España

"A Kiev le debemos algo que aun no sabemos como devolver..."

This couple from Barcelona just got home in August 2017 with their precious newborn daughter. We asked them to write about their experience with our Agency.

"Buenos dias desde Barcelona.Llegamos a casa, todo bien. Muchas emociones ayer. Martha, Ivana y yo queremos agradeceros el trato recibido y daros las gracias por habernos dado el hueco que faltaba en nuestras vidas. Ivana es un amor y es preciosa. Este ultimo año hemos tenido la experiencia de vivir una paternidad/maternidad, aunque de una manera diferente, no menos emocionante y cautivadora. Y os queremos dar las gracias por ello, desde lo más profundo de nuestros corazones. Desde Tatiana de maternidad 5, que nos entregó al bebé mientras temblábamos, hasta el pediatra (no recuerdo su nombre) que nos ha visitado y asesorado sobre sus cuidados.Daryna, eres un sol, siempre has estado cuando hemos necesitado algo. Olga y Joan, sabemos desde vuestras distintas posiciones el trabajo duro que haceis para materializar el sueño de dar una vida y legalizarla.Por supuesto Olena, sin cuyo gesto no valdría nada de esta aventura. Nos gustaría pudierais trasladarle nuestra gratitud y comunicarle que llegamos bien, ya que nuestras emociones han sido muy contenidas frente a ella y su familia, en gran parte debido a la dificultad del idioma.Y por ultimo Kiev. Esta bella, acogedora y espectacular ciudad que nos sorprendió en el primer viaje y nos ha enamorado en este segundo. Comiendo una Perepichka subiendo hacia Taras Shevchenko Park, cruzando el puente peatonal del Dnieper, la ruta desde el arbol del deseo (se cumplió!) y el puente del amor eterno en el Water Museum hasta Maryinskyi park, pasando por el Botanic Park, el Kurazh Bazar Market, running por Hidropark, descendiendo desde Landscape Alley hasta Podil, descansando en los bancos del campus de la KPI, Motherland.....y tantos y tantos lugares que hemos podido ver los tres, con una calma inesperada comparada con nuestro estrés habitual en Barcelona.A Kiev le debemos algo que aun no sabemos como devolver, mientras en Barcelona pediremos un deseo esperando se pueda hacer realidad pronto. Darle un hermano a Ivana."

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Yana and Tobias, Germany

"We can only recommend this agency!"

This couple from Germany completed surrogacy program with our Agency in spring 2017, and then they sent us some words to put as testimonials

"Wir sagen ganz herzlich danke an Yuliya, die Agentur und natürlich auch an unsere Leihmutter. Es war ein sehr spannender und emotionaler weg für uns. Bei dem uns sehr geholfen wurde. Vielen Dank dafür. Wir können die Agentur nur weiter empfehlen. "

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Marisha and Dev, USA

"On arrival to Kiev from Florida we were anxious..."

This couple did surrogacy in the USA long ago and had a boy. Ukraine became their next choice as a surrogacy destination.

My husband and I did international surrogacy with the Successful parents agency where we received two beautiful babies on May 24th , 2017Even though we spoke with the agency virtually prior to my arrival regarding the SM and the twins we were still extremely nervous about the entire process, not knowing what to expect. We appreciated the one on one care Olga gave us in communications, she answered all questions, any concerns and was prompt on her response.On arrival to Kiev from Florida we were anxious have never been here before nor do we speak the language but Olga made this transition extremely smooth and I felt comfortable from the moment I met her. She personally arranged taxi pickup at the airport that took me straight to meet with her where we were formally introduced and all details on the birth etc was explained to me. Olga made me feel very confident and I felt a sign of relief that I have chosen the right people to work with.Shortly after Olga left for a business trip and I was passed on to another coordinator Elena whom I truly enjoyed having with me through the entire process. She took me to visit my surrogate mother at the hospital prior to the birth of our babies and was there with me for the birth of our twins. She stayed with me all day on May 24 until she was assured everything was well with the babies And waited until I was comfortable with the maternity room provisions etc before she took off for the day. She personally took us the following day to register the birth of the children and arranged all the documents that we needed to take into the US Embassy. She has made the after birth process with the United States embassy extremely simple because of her prompt response on all matters and needs. In addition, the Agency has provided us with a baby nurse from the moment the twins arrived and we've kept this baby nurse with the family for our entire stay at Kiev, very knowledgeable and experienced woman who has not only cared for the babies for my family as well. In addition to this, Elena has helped me find local shopping needs as well as arrange taxi service for my family and I.Working with these two fine women at the agency has been truly a joy and we are so grateful for their services on arrival to Kiev. We would highly recommend their services. They have gone above and beyond their list of services to us, They were truly amazing And I am happy when I think that good people as such will be helping other women like myself have children of their own ❤️

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Anna y Alfons, España

"...nuestro milagro, nuestra hija!"

It touched our hearts to receive a testimonial like this, no words... We can only say that we were happy to help, and all your joy is ours!

"Es muy difícil expresar con palabras y transmitir todos los sentimientos y emociones que hemos tenido en los últimos meses, y tendremos toda la vida…AGRADECIMIENTO – CONFIANZA – ALEGRÍA – FELICIDAD –GRATITUD – GENEROSIDAD – AMISTAD – FAMILIA – ESPERANZA – AMOR – FE A todo el equipo humano de Successful Parents, chicas, gracias a vosotras todo el proceso ha sido más fácil, habéis sabido estar a nuestro lado en todo momento, el trabajo que hacéis es increíble! Felicidades por el gran equipo ¡! Vosotras marcáis la diferencia.No hay palabras para agradecer a nuestra gestante lo que ha hecho por nosotros, gracias a ella somos padres. Sin ella, nuestra hija no estaría aquí. Durante nueve meses ha cuidado de ella y nos ha concedido el mejor regalo de nuestras vidas, nuestro milagro, nuestra hija!GRACIAS infinitas!!

A nuestros compañeros de viaje… las semanas que hemos pasado en Kyiv han sido increíbles, sin vosotros no hubiera sido igual… el destino pone a muchas personas en tu vida, pero solo las mejores permanecen para siempre¡!Todos iniciamos el proceso cargados con nuestra mochila, cada uno con nuestra historia pero todos con un objetivo común, cumplir nuestro sueño de formar una familia, sueño que en muchos de los casos creíamos imposible de cumplir.Todos los que nos habéis acompañado formáis parte de nuestra historia: profesionales, compañeros, amigos… nuestro sueño se ha hecho realidad gracias a todos vosotros!"

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Susana y Gustavo, Spain

"¿Quien dijo que fuera fácil?"

This couple from Spain just had their twin boys born in Ukraine, on week 34. Despite being premature, boys were born healthy and strong. We asked the couple to write a few words of their experience with our Agency.

"Son muchos los fracasos, desilusiones, miedos... Que llevamos a nuestras espaldas cuando decides emprender otro camino para conseguir el sueño de ser padres. Y, ¿Quién dijo que fuera fácil?

Cuando empiezas un proceso así, y desde el desconocimiento que supone este tema (legislación, médicos, clínicas….), lo único que quieres es un poco de ayuda, empatía, información real, los pros y contras y sobre todo transparencia y confianza.

Son muchas las cosas que ves por internet, que alguien te cuenta, nosotros tuvimos suerte. Después de dar con Joan Ortiz (abogado) y con Successful Parents vimos que era el camino adecuado, sin sorpresas, desde la primera visita con Joan que nos facilitó toda la información de Successful ha sido todo transparencia, profesionalidad, rigor, prudencia, respeto…, en cuanto a etapas del proceso, como a la parte económica, lo básico y todos los imprevistos que podíamos encontrarnos en el proceso.

Desde el primer día, estuvimos arropados, informados en todo momento de todos los pasos a seguir, desde Successful Daryna nos lo puso fácil. La elección de la SM, los informes mensuales durante la gestación que nos han ido enviando con ecografía, video, informe médico… La verdad que a tanta distancia lo único que puedes hacer es esperar con ilusión y emoción cada mes a ver esa ecografía y ver la carita de tus hijos, ver que la SM está perfecta y todo sigue su curso y Successful ha estado ahí en todo momento.

Nuestros mellizos decidieron venir al mundo a las 34 semanas, nosotros estábamos en Barcelona…. Dios que miedo!, han nacido, pero están bien? Porque han nacido tan pronto?, lloras de miedo, alegría…. No sabes bien que hacer, quieres salir corriendo para estar con ellos…. Olga nos llamó, nos informó de todo, desde el momento en que le estaban haciendo la cesárea a la SM, hasta que llegamos a Kiev. Fue un momento duro, ver que tus pequeños han venido al mundo, y tu no estas ahí, pero vimos que no estaban solos… en el hospital recibieron todos los cuidados que necesitaron ya que al nacer no respiraban por si solos, Olga nos iba transmitiendo los informes médicos, la verdad es que recibir un email o llamada de ella era un gran alivio… sentir que aunque tu no estas allí hay quien vela por tus pequeños.

Una vez llegamos a Kiev, en ningún momento hemos estados solos, Daryna siempre ha estado con nosotros ante cualquier proceso legal, o simplemente cuando viene el pediatra a casa a ver a los pequeños…. Gracias.

La llegada al hospital… cuando la doctora entró en la habitación con nuestros pequeños… ese momento no se olvidará nunca, ya estaban ahí con sus papis, tan pequeños, tan indefensos, pero ahí llenando cada minuto de recuerdos, emociones, un amor tan grande… Ahí queda ese momento grabado en el corazón para siempre.

Gracias por vuestro apoyo, por ponerlo fácil y hacerlo mas llevadero, por estar en todo momento por y para nosotros y nuestros pequeños.'

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Ch.P. and P.S. from Cyprus

"We have only the best to say about the hospital and the doctors in Kiev"

This couple from Cyprus brought their baby home in 2016 and willingly agreed to talk to any couple who would be interested to learn more about surrogacy in Ukraine. God bless them!

It's been a year now since we first contacted Successful Parents asking for their help about having a baby.

At that time, we already had a boy but after problems i had with my pregnancy, i could not be pregnant again. My husband and i, really wanted another baby so, after our doctor's advice in Cyprus, we contacted the Agency and started procedures immediately.

A year later, we are blessed to have a beautiful baby girl!

Our special thanks to all the people in the Agency and especially our coordinator, Yuliya, who was by our side at all time and helped us a lot during our staying in Kiev. She was there during the nine months of pregnancy, to send us all the reports and ultrasounds and also answer all our questions and worries.

We have only the best to say about the hospital and the doctors in Kiev and especially Dr. Tatyana who is really great!

We highly recommend every couple who has problems having a baby, to contact the Agency! Many many thanks to all of you who helped us have our little princess!

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Raul, Laia and Estel, Spain

"Nos llevamos con nosotros muchas vivencias y emociones que nunca olvidaremos."

Laia and Raul, a beautiful young couple from Spain were sharing their experience with us in their posts to our blog during the whole period of the pregnancy of their surrogate mother. Full story of theirs can be read in our blog page.

Fue muy emocionante verla salir, ver como cortaban el cordón, ver como la limpiaban y escuchar sus primeros llantos, ver como la vestían con la ropita que cuidadosamente habíamos elegido para ella y como la envolvían para finalmente dármela en mis brazos ☺ Tenía la carita muy hinchadita, pero muy muy bonita.

Además nos gustaría añadir que todo el equipo que asistió el parto en todo momento tienen muy claro quien es la madre y te hacen sentir muy a gusto, y parte importante del parto. En el momento del parto la gestante y yo nos abrazamos y lloramos juntas, es increíble que mujeres como ella sean tan y tan generosas porque aunque es evidente que reciben una compensación, no debe ser fácil gestar a una personita durante 9 meses y luego desprenderse de ella, GRACIAS DE TODO CORAZON.

Queremos dar las gracias a todo el equipo de Successsul Parents, y estos días especialmente a Marina pues sin ella todo habría sido más difícil, ha estado junto a nosotros en todo momento. Y también a Olga que en todo momento durante el proceso nos ha transmitido feedback de todas las pruebas a la gestante. Nos han dado su apoyo incondicional y se merecen todo el cariño del mundo.

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Marisol y Ferran, Spain

"He has decided give you one of his best smiles"

This amazing Spanish couple never doubted any of our decisions and we felt amazing working with them. They allowed us to use the photo of their son Nico on our Testimonials page.

"Hi there,

Nico would like to thank the entire team of Successful Parents for all your details and attention that you have had with him.Unfortunately he can not yet speak, so he has decided give you one of his best smiles!

Thank you so much!"

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Nicoletta and Socrates, Cyprus

"Now after so long we have in our hands a healthy baby daughter"

This couple from Cyprus are caring people who conquered our hearts from the first meeting. We are happy we went through the whole journey with them, and wish their now big family many joyful days!

"After 5,5 years of efforts to have our own baby and many failures we decided – after hearing very good comments from other CY parents – to use the services of a surrogate mother through SP agency in Ukraine. The agency was from the start very helpful in selecting the right SM for our baby. Throughout the period the 9 months pregnancy we were regularly informed by an assigned agency person about the status of the routine and other examinations that the SM received, and we viewed in 3D video streaming the sonographs and all the results of examinations. At the time of delivery and when we had to travel to Kiev for the delivery the assigned agency person was amazingly helpful and assisted us with all our needs for our 2-week stay in Kiev. The Agency as a whole is characterized by professionalism, knowledge of the subject matter of the Surrogacy procedure and has a human touch with every aspect of problem or need that it may arise. We are very glad that we had the chance to use the SP agency services but even more happy with the fact that now after so long we have in our hands a healthy baby daughter".

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Georgia and Stavros, Cyprus

"We also consider them as good friends and our extended family in Ukraine"

This couple from Cyprus finally met their newborn baby girl in the end of May 2016. They were happy about each and every details, very sunshine couple. We publish their testimonial herebelow.

"We have just completed our first surrogacy program with Successful Parents agency a team of TOP professionals but also great friends and caring individuals. Even though the whole process was completely new and unknown to us, our program coordinator Yuliya Fursenko stayed by our side to advice, direct, organize, explain and support us, being a friend in every step through our ordeal that it now turned to be our life's miracle.

It was a continuous struggle for months to find an appropriate SM but the agency showed a lot of patience to Cypriot doctors' requests to conclude. SM proved to be a perfect professional and excellent person throughout the process touching our hearts and our care for her will surely continue.

Having also our 4 year son with us, Yuliya F. and the whole team was continually by our / and our surrogate's side providing expert assistance at all our requests. They maintain a team spirit and all coordinators are aware of each case and ready to help.

Being unable to trust any doctor after a medical malpractice my family went through, doctor A. P. proved to be excellent, constantly next to our SM and we are all very thankful to him for his patience to avoid C-section, explanations, guidance and most of all his care for SM and baby. Staying at a tiny room at the hospital together with our SM, with no water available, special thanks to the nurses to provide assistance for the newborn.

Nurse Luba was called next day after birth for assistance with newborn and our 4 year old and she proved to be a treasure acknowledging the needs of the family, our parenting style, adjusted overnight and was a perfect assistant to everyone's needs. We thank her for making our Kiev 2 babies' ordeal easier.

Our staying in Kiev was magical we enjoyed the city for 12 days until our baby girl decided to "arrive". Kiev is now a favorite destination for our family to visit. There are no words to express our gratitude to the SP agency and our appreciation for Y.F we were so lucky to have you by our side.

We wholeheartedly and blindly recommend SP to any couple considering a surrogacy program without hesitation. They have the expertise to help you and make your dream come true. Not only have we been impressed with their professionalism but now we also consider them as good friends and our extended family in Ukraine".

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with best regards Uli & Jitka, Germany

"We were using Successful Parents Agency from 2015 - 2016..."

This Czech-German couple just completed their surrogacy program in May 2016, and are now parents of a wonderful boy!

"We were using Successful Parents Agency from 2015 - 2016 and were indeed succesfully parents after this period. Service, communication and quality of both the agency and their medical related partners were very good. Not only in the huge issues of handling egg donation, surrogate mother and birth but also, during our 3 stays in Kiew, minor important subjects such as transportation within Kiew, and 24 hour availability in case of questions of translations. We are very happy to have used SP Agency!"

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A.N. and V.N. from Cyprus

"We wholeheartedly recommend them to any couple!"

This couple completed their second program with us in January 2016

"We have just completed our second surrogacy program with Successful Parents agency and, while we thought the SP team could not outperform themselves compared to the quality of their work during our first program, they have excelled and attained even higher levels of work quality this time round! Special thanks for this goes to the whole team involved in our program, namely Yuliya and Daryna, Olga and Marina!! This is a team of top professionals who take their mission very seriously and instill a lot of passion in every step of the process. We wholeheartedly recommend them to any couple considering the use of surrogacy services and we guarantee that they can expect to enjoy a stress-free journey into parenthood thanks to these amazing, trustworthy professionals at SP!"

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F.L.L. y su esposa N.B.L. de Sevilla

"Un equipo a la altura de la importancia del proceso"

Si te decides a intentar una aventura vital como esta, la confianza es un pilar básico. No puedes controlar hechos que suceden tan lejos de tu pais, con legislaciones diferentes, con equipos médicos a los que no conoces.

"Cuando iniciamos este proceso, desde el primer momento, pudimos constatar la profesionalidad del equipo de la agencia. En todo momento la agencia nos mantuvo informados y nos ofreció seguridad y confianza.

Si te decides a intentar una aventura vital como esta, la confianza es un pilar básico. No puedes controlar hechos que suceden tan lejos de tu pais, con legislaciones diferentes, con equipos médicos a los que no conoces. Necesitas que alguien de tu total confianza pueda estar allí por ti. Y debes confiar ciegamente en las personas que componen ese equipo. Nosotros lo hicimos y no nos arrepentimos.

Desde los primeros pasos, en un proceso que ha durado 2 años en total. La elección de nuestras SM, todas ellas encantadoras y comprometidas con nuestra familia, recibiendo un trato humano y profesional impecable. La elección de la clínica y del equipo médico, un grupo de profesionales a la altura de cualquier clínica de reproducción de nuestro pais. Las transferencias, la información puntual de todo el proceso, el estado de salud de nuestra SM, para nosotros un nuevo miembro de nuestra familia.

El seguimiento de la gestación, con sustos e inconvenientes incluidos, que para nosotros fueron llevaderos en gran parte por que sabíamos que la agencia estaba alli por nosotros. El nacimiento de nuestros hijos, con nuestra agente siempre con nosotros, en el hospital, en el registro, en el consulado. La estancia en Kiev, ciudad maravillosa por cierto, en un pais fabuloso, en el cual a pesar de toda la información inquietante que recibimos de él no hay nada que temer en absoluto.

En resumen, si volvieramos a empezar este proceso confiaría en esta agencia de nuevo.

Nosotros pusimos en sus manos el proyecto más importante que emprendimos en nuestra vida, y lo han llevado a cabo con total éxito.

Sólo podemos decirles MUCHAS GRACIAS POR TODO."

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N.C. and G.D., a couple from Cyprus.

"It is amazing, it is fantastic, it is magic, it is unbelievable!!!!"

This couple told us that if they had thought few years ago that they would have had children, they wouldn’t believe it. Same goes for the people around them.

"It was very difficult for me and my husband when doctor told us that I have a problem with my health preventing us to have a baby. I felt as if my life stopped. I couldn’t accept that.

My first thought was to adopt a baby but my husband wouldn’t accept that. He wanted us to have our own babies so I had to consider our options.

During a coffee meeting with a friend she proposed a solution. She told me about the Successful Parents center and the way that surrogacy works. I started to feel that I can achieve my dream. I went home and spoke with my husband. At first, he didn’t want to hear anything about this method. This it was the most difficult part for me as I lost time trying to convince him.

I didn’t want to lose any more time. I sent an email to Olga and I asked for details. At the same time I tried to convince my husband. My doctor in Cyprus also helped me in that matter. He spoke to him, he explained to him that with this method the baby will be our biological baby.

I contacted the center to select a Surrogate Mother even though my husband was still confused.

Fortunately, when I had to sign the contracts and send them back he agreed to it. How he changed his mind I still don’t know but I was glad he did.

We tried once with negative results. We tried a second time with negative results again. The things were becoming more difficult as time passed.

But I did not lose hope. I spoke with Olga through Skype and she was incredibly helpful. The coordinators Marina and Yuliya help me too much and were supportive throughout the process. It felt like life was putting us through another challenge, but they supported me with never losing hope.

We tried again for a third time and suddenly it seemed that the dream was becoming reality. The Surrogate Mother was pregnant with twins!!! Our happiness was unbelievable but we still had to wait anxiously for the nine months.

The months passed quickly and the time was finally here. The children were delivered a little earlier than expected but were healthy. When I kept them in my hand for the first time, it was something that I never expected and thought that I would ever experience.

My husband could not believe it.

Now, we are home. We are the happiest parents in the world. My husband now keeps saying that he regrets wasting so much time. It was wrong.

If you want to make a baby, do it now. Do not lose time with overthinking. Take your chance, it’s worth it.

Contact the Successful Parents today. The have the expertise to help you and make your dream to become true.

Thank you very much Successful Parents office with the best team experienced patient coordinators and doctors.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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A.O. and K.S., a couple from Cyprus

"So precious gift - we are now a family!!!"

After many years of infertility and many unsuccessful ivf transfers this couple decided to stop and see for other alternatives. They heard about surrogacy programs but their first thought was that it was something too complicated...

"We have cooperated with the SP agency for the first time and we welcomed our baby boy on 17/7/2015. A very long journey has successfully ended - We would like to share our experience and feelings through this process and hope that we can help other couples who probably are thinking to do the same journey.....

We were lucky and located 3 other couples from Cyprus who have successfully co-operated with the SP Agency. After taking with them and hearing their experience and positive comments regarding the agency we emailed to the agency during June 2014. There was a prompt response from Mrs. Olga who detailed explained us the whole process....

We decided to meet our SM and after talking to her, via the coordinator's translation, we were a bit less afraid-she wasn't anymore an unknown woman-she was a young mother of 2 boys who was determined and wanted the process to succeed. She knew that her only concern for the following 9 months would be to deliver our baby in good health!!!

In early November 2014 the results were send - we will not forget reading the email that was saying that the SM's blood results were high- meaning that the SM was pregnant!!!It was an amazing feeling !!! Of course over the next few days we realised that this was THE first step .....we had a long way ahead...Every time we waited results, we were extremely stressed but after the good news, we had an overwhelming feeling-another small step towards our dream!!!The agency was sending update about the SM's pregnancy with a result report along with video and 4D baby images!! Due to stress we have requested the agency to have the SM do ultrasounds more often and we can say that they never refused!!!

When we finally entered the last trimester the stress was at its pick!!!!! The thought of us becoming eventually parents....The agency sent us a detailed document in order to start preparing for our trip to Ukraine!!We bought all things from Cyprus but when we went to Kiev we decided we wanted to buy a car seat. As soon as we told the co-coordinator, she sent us an email with several options to decide and after 3 days a courier had delivered it to our flat. So easy!!!

When we arrived in Kiev we were also worried about our safety. After a few days we realised that it was ok and we did not need to be afraid- the apartment was very good, the nearby area had shopping malls, good restaurants and coffee shops. For us it was very important to stay to a safe area, have places we could go and things to do - waiting is exhausting and be patient even more difficult!!! We had to wait for 3 long weeks before the baby was born.

As soon as we arrived in Kiev we accompanied the SM to the clinic. We couldn't believe that time had finally arrived!!! The doctor there was very serious but polite and assured us that everything was ok.

We alsο accompanied the SM to her appointment at the hospital. The doctor there was also very serious but polite and assured us that everything was ok. The expected date of birth passed but the doctor told us we had to wait because the baby's position changed !!!! Stress, frustration and panic followed.....a whole week passed beyond the expected date. The doctor finally decided to do a caesarean section but eventually the SM had given birth naturally. Due to that we weren't at the hospital during the baby's birth - not everything can be controlled or scheduled. When we arrived at the hospital the doctor gave us information regarding the baby's birth. Later a very sweet nurse entered into our room holding our baby!!! Words cannot express our feelings...holding our tiny little baby boy in our hands....so precious!!!

At the hospital the baby was staying with me at the room all the time. At first when they told me that I would share the room with the SM I didn't like it, but afterwards I can say that she really helped me (especially when you are alone at night in the hospital). The gynecologist (could speak English) came the following days to see me and ask whether I needed anything regarding the baby. Also the pediatrician (she did not speak English) was coming every day to examine the baby and gave me instructions regarding the baby's feeding.

Before leaving the hospital we went with the lawyer at the registry to issue the baby's birth certificate. The lawyer had everything prepared, we signed some documents and in 2 hours the birth certificate was issued.

When we travelled back home we had the option and took a night flight and is was more convenient, the airport was very quiet and we did not had to wait for check in and passport control.

Words cannot express our happiness - holding our little baby boy in our hands. So precious gift-we are now a family!!!We endured a lot and the journey was too long but ......Dreams come true!!!!!"

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Ivan y Maria from Spain

"Estamos muy contentos con toda la ayuda que nos han prestado"

This is a couple from A Coruña, Spain. They became parents of twins in August 2015

"Desde que empezamos el proceso en Ucrania siempre hemos tenido contacto directo y constante con Successful Parents. La agencia nos informaba de cualquier cosa. Creemos que es muy importante tener una agencia que te apoye y respalde en todo momento, y que da tranquilidad a este proceso a todas las partes.

Al estar en Kiev para recoger a los niños han sido muy importante tener el respaldo de la agencia in situ. Ellos están pendientes de todo las gestiones que hay que ir haciendo en cada momento.

Estamos muy contentos con toda la ayuda que nos han prestado tanto cuando estábamos en España como cuando hemos estado en Kiev. Siempre han estado pendientes de nosotros.

Agradecemos todo el apoyo a cada uno de los integrantes del equipo."

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D.H. and D.P. from Cyprus

"We started with nothing and now we have a healthy baby!"

They started their journey with SP Agency almost one and a half years ago. It appeared that they decision was made correctly.

"We finally chose our SM, and SP agency organized everything for her coming to Cyprus together with her SP coordinator, Maryna, since we wanted the embryo transfer to take place in our clinic. Our SM was very well prepared, medically, and so the embryo transfer was successful! One thing that left us with a bitter taste was that when our SM went back in Ukraine and did her first urine pregnancy test, it showed negative. So it was a cold shower for us when we heard that the test was negative. Fortunately, when the blood test was executed, we confirmed that her pregnancy hormones were high and maybe she carried twins.

And indeed the US showed that there were twins! Unfortunately one of the two fetuses split and became two fetuses in the same chorion, which put in danger the whole pregnancy. So we were advised by the doctors to make reduction of the two fetuses in the same chorion to safeguard the life of the single fetus. This was a truly painful decision for us, letting go not only of one fetus, but of two of them. We had been explained, though, both by Ukrainian doctor through Olga and by our gynaecologist that keeping all three of the fetuses would jeopardize the whole pregnancy, so we took the hard decision of the reduction.

Anyway, fortunately the rest of the pregnancy developed well. SM did all necessary US, tests and analyses. And we finally traveled to Kiev in order to be ready for the birth of our baby! We met with SP agency coordinators Yuliya and Daryna, we were given a mobile phone with SIM card, which was a thoughtful move, and received papers for the hospital. It may be nice for the parents to be given a map of Kiev, as well :-) Our stay in Kiev was facilitated much by Yuliya and Daryna, but also by Julia who was particularly helpful in every respect.

Our baby was finally born a week before due date, and this was so sudden, that unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to be present at the birth of our baby. Fortunately, the baby was born healthy and strong

Hospital conditions were good, the problem of language communication existed but nurses and doctors tried to explain, and were attentive. Then, paper issues were not as difficult as we imagined, SP made things easier.

Overall, we are happy to have cooperated with SP agency, which is a serious agency, and experienced one. We started with nothing and now we have a healthy baby! What a joy!

We thank you all very much, and we wish you the best of success with more babies to come!"

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H.K.J. and H.W. from Jordan

"It truly has been a rewarding and blissful experience"

After many years of unsuccessful attempts this couple addressed Successful Parents Agency. They have chosen to go with egg donation. It wasn\'t an easy decision for them to make, however they knew it was the only way to go forward.

We did our research and found out about the successful parents clinic in Kiev. After going through the database provided by our agent and choosing an ED. We paid the clinic a visit where upon arrival we were met by a lovely staff member. Everything was explained very thoroughly. All necessary paperwork and medical tests were dealt with properly and efficiently.

Our agent did a lot of the translation since most staff members didn't speak English.

After undergoing hormonal treatment for a short period of time we did the procedure which went quite well. It was emotional and overwhelming but the staff made me feel safe and in good hands.

We received the wonderful news a couple of weeks later that we are pregnant. To add to our happiness we found out that I'm carrying twins!

We highly recommend to any couple struggling with getting pregnant to check out Successful Parents clinic. It truly has been a rewarding and blissful experience. We have a lot to be thankful for.

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N.N. and C.L. from Cyprus

"We would blindly recommend them to any couple considering a surrogacy program without hesitation..."

Their decision to contact Successful Parents Agency and trust them with their first surrogacy program was a very easy one! Their program went smoothly and without any complications.

"...Even though the whole process was completely new and unknown to us, our program coordinator showed a lot of patience to answer all questions we had and reassure us that we would receive full support in finalizing all necessary paperwork. Such strong support was also sustained and remained very high during the more crucial and - sometimes - stressful next phases of embryo transfer and surrogate pregnancy term. During this time, our coordinator ensured we received frequent updates on our surrogate's health and on all routine ultrasound examinations she undertook in Ukraine. This approach and the overall professionalism exhibited by the Agency led to us feeling very optimistic about the whole process and gave us the impression that our surrogate's pregnancy reached its end in virtually no time! Our trip to Kiev 9 months later was taken fully care of by the Agency, paying attention to all details and satisfying every request we submitted to them. Our coordinator was continually by our (and our surrogate's) side during the 3 days spent at the hospital and provided expert assistance on issuing our baby's necessary governmental documents prior to our return home.

All in all, we could not have been happier and more satisfied with the services of Successful Parents Agency! We would blindly recommend them to any couple considering a surrogacy program without hesitation. Not only have we been impressed with their professionalism but we now also consider them as good friends and our extended family in Ukraine."

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M.M. and M.M. from Slovenia

Our highest wish become true with your help!

Thank you!

We were very scared when we decided for this process. It was the last chance for us.

The whole process is very difficult but when you see the healthy child you forget everything.

All of you "parents to be " who will decide for surrogacy need to know that you will need just trust. With this people of agency you have it!

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