Surrogacy package

Engaging a surrogate mother to bear a child for a couple who have fertility problems is as old as the story of Sarah and Abraham in Genesis, Chapter 16. Sarah’s servant Hagar conceived from Abraham and later gave the baby to Sarah. Surrogacy was practiced from the very ancient times in different parts of the world. However, the Sarah’s case is a “traditional” surrogacy where surrogate mother is genetically related to the baby. Practiced now, and in particular in Ukraine, is “gestational” surrogacy, which means transferring of an already-cultivated embryo from the sperm and egg from a couple. The surrogate mother’s role is that of a carrier, she is not genetically related to the fetus.

Surrogacy is widely practiced and supported by the Ukrainian legislation both for citizens of Ukraine and for foreign couples. The law allows commercial surrogacy. You are welcome to learn more about the legislation related to surrogacy in Ukraine.

Suggested Surrogacy package includes preparation and transfer of embryos from Biological Parents to Surrogate Mother in one of partner clinics of Successful Parents Agency. The package includes:

  • Consultations and coordination of your program by a Program Coordinator from our agency;
  • Choosing Surrogate Mother from our database;
  • Cost of fresh medical tests for Surrogate Mother;
  • Cost of drugs for preparation of Surrogate Mother;
  • Protocol of preparation for the Biological Parents, including appointments with the doctor, consultations and coordination of preparation;
  • Meeting candidates for Surrogate Mother;
  • Egg pick-up, fertilization of eggs and cultivation of embryos in our partner clinic;
  • 1 Embryos transfer attempt to Surrogate Mother;
  • Pregnancy care (drugs, medical tests and coordination of Surrogate Mother by a coordinating doctor from our partner clinic);
  • Hospital fees;
  • Final compensation for Surrogate Mother;
  • Legal fees: contracts, baby birth registration and obtaining Baby Birth Certificate, preparation of all documents for the embassy, etc.;
  • Monthly payments and all compensations for Surrogate Mother;
  • Agency commission using the database and program coordination.

At our Agency we have our own big database of surrogate mothers. All candidates are physically and mentally healthy, their age is between 20 and 30 years old, their medical records show no miscarriages or Cesarean sections in the past, each surrogate mother has at least one healthy child of their own. In order to guarantee good results of your program and avoid any risks, we always make surrogate mother to do fresh medical tests and overall check-up before the start of the program.

Usually the preparation for the embryos transfer takes about one month from the moment of signing contracts and confirming surrogate mother candidate. You are welcome to learn more about how to start applying for your surrogacy program now.

Our doctors monitor cycles of both biological mother and surrogate mother carefully. All the medical procedures are carried out with maximum care and support. We accompany you from the very beginning of choosing surrogate mother and until the moment when you can take your baby home.

In two weeks after the embryos transfer Surrogate Mother will do blood pregnancy test to determine whether the attempt was successful and pregnancy is achieved. After the pregnancy confirmation we fully coordinate surrogate mother (daily regimen, regular check-ups and screenings etc.), inform our patients on a continuous basis, arrange accommodation for surrogate mother in Kyiv starting the seventh month of pregnancy, make all necessary arrangements with the hospital and after baby delivery take care of preparing all the documents for the baby birth registration and for the embassy.

Surrogacy programs are of high demand among our patients; at any moment of time we are coordinating no less than 5 active surrogacy programs.

Madre surrogata


Vi aiuteremo a trovare una donna affidabile e dedicata che si impegnerà per la gravidanza del Vostro bambino.

Scelta della madre surrogata

Donatrice d’ovuli


Cerca tra le candidate disponibili per trovare la donatrice d’ovuli preferita ed effettuare la Vostra scelta.

Scelta della donatrice d’ovuli

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Passaggi principali e suggerimenti

I programmi che prevedono la maternità surrogata sono tra i più complicati in termini di organizzazione e durata temporale. Per questo Vi invitiamo a consultare i passaggi principali del programma di maternità surrogata.

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