Insight: Surrogacy in Ukraine

For the past year the number of patients coming for surrogacy to Ukraine through Successful Parents Agency has increased twice compared to previous period. Mostly it is explained by the fact that India toughened requirements for patients who travel for surrogacy there. So people who previously only focused on India did some more research and turned their eyes to Ukraine and realized that is a safe and quite affordable destination to come to for a surrogacy program. So why Ukraine?

Ukraine is a European country.

This is very comfortable feeling for many westerners. Of course this is true thanks to the geographical position. Which also gives Europeans and North Americans comfortable travel options. Also, the perspectives and attitudes of the people is easily understandable for most of European and American patients to understand. Also, each surrogate mother who is engaged in a program has good living conditions and is nourished with healthy food.Entering Ukraine does NOT require visa for EU countries, the United States and Canada, and most CIS and Scandinavian countries. Lastly, NO MEDICAL VISA is needed which makes it easy to travel here.

The Law is favorable.

Surrogacy and egg donation in Ukraine are allowed for married heterosexual couples. Intended parents are legal parents of their baby born by the surrogate mother. Only names of intended parents are written in the baby birth certificate. The law clearly regulates all the procedures related to carrying surrogacy programs and further registration of babies.

Surrogate mothers are well-screened and committed.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has severed requirements for the qualification of surrogate mother candidates. All surrogate mothers are young ladies between 20 and 32 years old, each having at least one healthy child of her own. Surrogates pass through numerous screenings (approx. 17-20 different tests before they are accepted to the program. The results of the tests are translated and provided in English to the Intended Parents. Ukrainian surrogate mothers are kind, responsible and very patient, and their families support them in their initiative to help other couples carry the baby. The Surrogate Mother cannot be the egg donor at the same time (traditional surrogacy is not legal in Ukraine.) If needed, it is easy to assisting you in finding your dream egg donor. Slavic ladies are famous for beautifully regular features and slim physiques, and clear complexions. There is no such thing as waiting list.

High success rates at a reasonable cost.

In Ukraine there are many private IVF clinics. We only work with selected clinics that have higher success rates, provide attentive and thoughtful care, and have doctors that always give you timely and professional advice and recommendations. One more plus for patients who consider Ukraine - tough competition among clinics ensures reasonable prices.

To sum things up - Ukraine is highly attractive and affordable destination for surrogacy. Will it become main destination for surrogacy in the near future? With all that we have to offer, it’s hard to see how it won’t! All of us working in this industry - agencies, clinics, doctors and lawyers – make a concerted effort to help make it happen for you. Come to Ukraine and experience it for yourself.

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